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We are a small group of financial real estate experts as well as real estate investors. Keeping in the know with the ever-changing investor real estate markets can prove challenging. Therefore, over the years we've learned that cash highest and best use is ever changing. There's a time to hold cash in real estate, fold, and a time to get cash out to hedge with using other investments.

Our goal here is to assist investors with getting the highest LTV cash possible out from the real estate properties allowable. We know that since 2012 we are aware that property values have risen nearly 35% nationwide according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency which correlates with other real estate property markets. We've noticed the real estate markets trending stable to flat patterns which in time past has resulted in a reduction of property equity. We believe that perhaps it is the time to start removing cash in other hedge positions rather than remain in real estate unless you're needing negative cash outlays.


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